Van Edmondson Wright

Van Edmondson Wright (no picture available.)

B: 31 March 1882

D: 14 April 1935

Van was the oldest of the four Wright boys born to James and Maggie Wright. Van never married and lived most of his adult life with his parents. As my dad always said these men were "Railroad Men", and at least in the case of Van, this is true. He worked his whole adult life for the Norfolk and Western Railway – Virginia side.

On the 1900 census he is, listed as, living with his mother Maggie (his father was not reported as living with them on this census.) Interesting side note: on this census, Maggie reports having a “servant,” a black man name Sydney Boyd who was 21 years old. Around this time, it was not unusually for families to offer some type of room and board to single men in exchange for help at the home place.

On his death certificate, his father’s birthplace is listed as Amelia County Virginia. (This gives us the first insight into the Wright family coming to Glade Spring Virginia.) Another side note is the “undertaker” was Glade Furniture Company and the individual providing the information was Thomas R Wright.

He died @Johnston Memorial Hospital (Research information on this Hospital) Date of death 4/14/1935 @ 4:15 a.m.

His cause of death, acute urinary retention (AUR) the inability to voluntarily pass urine. It is the most common urologic emergency usually caused by an enlarged prostate. Secondary, was uremia, this condition can be life threatening and indicates someone in final stage of chronic kidney disease. Circulatory collapse. Attend physician was V.E Lascara.

He was buried in Edmondson Cemetery (I believe this to actual be the Old Glade Baptist Cemetery.)

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